Richard W. from Middletown via Facebook

We have been plagued with a yearly visit by Cicada Killers for the past several years and have been trying everything known to Home Depot to rid my yard of them. We called another pest control company that sprayed the yard but the yard was completely overrun with with these Cicada Killers the very next day. Since these Cicada Killers were a factor in causing our yard to be destroyed, requiring us to invest $2500 in topsoil and grass seed I didn’t want to give up. I contacted Penn Pest LLC and they were at our home exactly on schedule. I have been amazed a the complete annihilation of these pest by Penn Pest. It has been five days and today was the first day I saw a Cicada Killer. We are thrilled at the results of this company. These critters are extremely difficult to get rid of and their results have been amazing!