Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs have returned with a vengeance! They are stronger than ever due to changing pest control methods, increased international travel and immigration, and immunity to insecticides.

Penn Pest’s expert technicians are dealing with this growing pest problem every day. Early detection is the key to eliminating Bed Bug infestations.

Adult Bed Bugs are roughly the size of an apple seed and are easily seen, however, they are paper-thin and can hide in very small cracks or seams.  Just like a mosquito, Bed Bugs are blood feeders and are only concerned with getting a meal, not with social statuses, economic factors, or where we live.  Everyone is at risk.

Bed Bug elimination is not a job for every pest management professional. You need a company that performs this work regularly to prevent and eliminate the problem. It is critical to have specialized individuals who combat these annoying pests on a daily basis to provide you with a successful program.

Penn Pest also provides bed encasements for a reasonable cost. Click here to email for price details.


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