Stink Bugs


  • Accidentally introduced in Allentown, PA in September of 1998
  • Adults are approximately 17mm long and are shades of brown on both the upper and lower body and have white bands at the bottom of their legs
  • Back has a shield shape
  • Gives off a characteristic odor when crushed or disturbed
  • Feeds on a wide variety of vegetation and fruits such as apples, peaches, mulberries, grapes, and citrus fruits
  • Feeds on 73 different plant species in PA such as ornamental plants, weeds, and soybeans.
  • In early autumn, adult stink bugs collect on and inside houses, sheds and other structures looking for warm places
  • Does not bite humans
  • Poses no known health hazards
  • Hibernates in winter and becomes active in spring when temperatures rise


What to do:

  • Caulk or physically seal cracks around doors, windows and attic vents
  • Eliminate weeds around your house
  • Bugs can be removed from interior with a vacuum cleaner; however, the vacuum may acquire the smell of stinkbugs for a period of time.
  • Electric flyswatters can kill the bugs before they can release their odor

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