Normally, when the temperatures outside begin to drop, rodents begin searching for a warmer place to live. However, over recent years the climate has been changing and we are experiencing longer vegetative growing cycles. This has allowed rodent populations to increase as they are getting more reproductive cycles in per year. Mice are often attracted by the smell of food and the warmth of your home. They can use any opening, such as utility lines, pipe openings, and gaps beneath doors, to gain entry into a home.  Rodents can climb very well, therefor openings don’t have to be at ground level.  Any opening 1/4 inch or larger, is big enough for them to squeeze through.  So if a wooden pencil fits through an opening, so can they. 

They are more commonly active in the evening, but it is possible to see a mouse roaming in your home during the day.

A distinct musk odor may become noticeable in an area with a large rodent population or when rodents have been present for a long period of time.

To prevent mice from entering the home, all cracks, crevices, holes and gaps larger than a pen cap should be sealed. Cleanliness may also have an effect on pest infestations. Mice get most of their water from food particles and no crumbs or morsels should be left on tabletops or floors.